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The Proven way to Negotiate and Influence People through Face Reading

By Nitesh Gurnani (Int. Featured Face Reading Expert, Physiognomist & Founder

You may have heard the famous saying that the “face is a walking resume” 

Your face is an x-ray of your personality. Understanding your facial traits and the correlation with features,  helps you be in greater sync with your personality and renders you powerful insights to truly know yourself as well as others. 

The art of face reading is stamping its position across business, negotiations, relationships & other personal as well as professional areas. We are living in a fast paced world of digitalization and communication where everyone does not only want but also has access in getting to know a  person they are dealing with. Often and especially when you are in recruitment or have a client meeting to attend to , you are likely to gather more information beforehand by studying the person’s online  social profile including LinkedIn and Facebook. 

But if I told you, you had a better , more reliable and quicker way to not only truly assess a person’s character through Face Reading but also gain the ability to impress and negotiate smoothly, would you take a chance to explore more?

I could almost say with absolute certainty that you would be really eager to learn more how FaceReading really works for you. I have spent 9 years and 1000 faces with 99 % accuracy of reading. 

Therefore, here are quick tips on how Face Reading can help your business gain an extra advantage.

1. Increase your conversion Probability through Face Reading  

Observe  Ears & Earlobes

Ears indicate risk taking ability of an individual. The longer the ears, the longer/higher  is the risk taking ability and vice-versa. Observe how long the ears are in proportion to the face. 

What earlobes reveal?

People with large earlobes i.e. with a good surface area in terms of length and width , tend to think to plan for the future whereas people with small earlobes are focused on instant gratification. 

Although , in essence these mentioned characteristics are determined by length , there are other minute details in terms of measurements, breadth and positioning, that need to be taken into account. However, observing length will give you a rough sense into assessing risk taking abilities.

Practical Example:

So, if you are in an insurance business , it is more likely that you will get conversion of your insurance policy or investment products if you are dealing with  people that have long ears with large earlobes.

2. Shape your Conversation based on the Shape of the Chin Bottom

Are you giving a presentation and are confused about what sort of information you need to present? Look at the shape of Chin Bottom that will help you know a person’s decision making criteria and shape your conversation according to that.

If you find the shape of Chin to be flat, try to be more logical, focus on ideas and present as many logical statements as you can.

If you find the shape of Chin having a curve, emphasize on the emotional aspect. Emphasize on the people’s element and how it will affect their prestige and self esteem.

3. Looking for a Great Project Manager? 

Check out for the density of eyebrows

Thick Eyebrows- What they indicate

People with thick eyebrows are highly intellectual and can handle multiple projects. Thick eyebrows indicate a strong liver, which is a mark of a person with dominant force, aggression and a person who likes to stay in action and finish the tasks. 

Thin Eyebrows- What they indicate

Thin eyebrows people like to work on one project at one time. This is perfect for leading one domain of work.

4. How to Recruit the Right Sales Professional?

Look out  for a person with a big mouth. Now, that might be an irony but explicitly we are talking here about apparent measurements ;).  People with big mouths have the ability to communicate with anyone. They have an innate ability of speaking to masses and a highly refined eloquence or so to say – incredible speaking power. To remember it well: Really big mouths actually tend to like having big talks 😉

Eyebrow Combination with Big Mouth

If that person has eyebrows pretty close to their eyes,  it adds to the verbal spontaneity and these people make a very good host and salesman.

 So next time, you are hiring a salesperson, check out their mouth and height of eyebrow.

5. Finding Difficulty to Cope up with a Colleague? 

How to observe the Tolerance Level Indicator

Wanting to know how much a person can tolerate your anger or how? How much independence in work your subordinate wants?

Then check out for the gap between the eyebrow set. 

People with closed sets of eyebrows have lower tolerance levels and can fume into anger if you overexert or pressurise them. They need independence in their work. 

People who possess a wide set of eyebrows have higher tolerance levels and can sustain for a longer period of time under someone.

6.Rule Breaker or Rule Follower?Ssshhh…. Your Ear Angles Reveal

Ever wondered who is more likely to play it by the rule of the book and is adaptable versus one who tends to be more on the rebellious side?

Then check out for ear angles!

Ear angle positioned inward, i.e. close  to the head, are more likely to adjust or follow norms and procedures in a group setting. This can help greatly in your career, as such people tend to be flexible as well as adaptable.

People whose ears are protruding out, find it difficult in a group setting and they are likely to stand out in the crowd. They can complain about things and have a hard time to adapt or adjust. 

How Can You Take FaceReading Forward? 

Face reading not only gives you the  power to know yourself deeper but also enables you to understand why and how certain people behave in a certain way. This results in creating more harmonious relationships and how you can socially interact with people. FaceReading skills can be lucratively exercised across businesses, with your colleagues to enhance relationships, and aid in talent detection for recruiting the right candidate.  It helps you be in sync with yourself and your social surroundings. 

Important to understand is also that Face Reading is not meant to be used to judge people in a negative orchestration, but rather to give an understanding on how to adapt to their character to facilitate easier communication and bonding (either personally or professionally) and the bonding with one’s true authenticity to work on areas of improvement and harness  skills and traits that will bring out one’s best potential to surface. 

FaceReading is both a skill and art and its mastery requires a high sense of empathy, concentration and efforts. 

So, the next time you are on the lookout for a  negotiation, executing a business deal or to know a little extra than others about someone, don’t forget to check out their facial traits. It’s like an invisible magic wand!!!

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