The Amazing Secrets of Your FACE

Face Reading: The Key to Unlocking Your True Calling and Joy in Relationships

How can a Face Reading help you?

Your face is a map of your soul and a window to your heart. Face Reading can help you navigate your relationship by interpreting your partner’s facial landmarks, expressions, and tendencies. It can also help you explore your inner landscape and find harmony and bliss.

Whether you want to improve your relationship with your partner or person of interest, or you want to gain more insight into yourself, face reading sessions can help you to:

  • Feel confident that you are with the right person and learn how to overcome any challenges
  • Understand your and your partner’s deepest personalities and how to connect on a deeper level
  • Find the best partner for you and embrace happiness
  • Get clear on your relationship’s future and how to make it more fulfilling
  • Reveal your inner self and what drives your passion
  • Recognize your triggers, your calling and how to align with your primary element

Face Reading Feedback by Gabby Stankevicus on how face reading helped her in Relationship

“Nitesh has an uncanny and amazing way to read faces and accurately identify character traits and what is currently happening in my relationship. He also gave advice on how to improve things in my marriage.

I was in awe of all he told me and I will follow his wise suggestions for improvement. Get a reading with this talented intuitive reader and I promise he will blow you away with what he sees for you and your partner!”

— Jennifer Stoughton

Learn Face Reading 1 on 1 with Nitesh Gurnani

I will teach you the nuances of face reading, such as how to interpret the shape, size, and features of the face and how to read the 5 Elements of the Face.

You will also learn how face reading can change your life, by helping you improve your communication, relationships, career, and self-awareness.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn face-reading 1 to 1 with me. Contact me today and get ready to discover the secrets of the face!

Learn Face Reading

What exactly is Face Reading?

Face Reading, also known as physiognomy is an ancient art of analyzing a person’s character based on their facial features.

Lillian Bridges in her book Face Reading in Chinese Medicine said “The face is an external projection of your inner self and the reflection of your emotional world. The approximately 25 square inches of the face give more information about you than any other part of your body.”

Facial Traits and 5 Elements on Face

Your face is a treasure trove of life secrets. With more than 19 Facial Traits (including eyebrows, philtrum, ears, mouth, lips, upper eyelid, lower eyelid, under eye area, lines on your face etc), and 5 elements on face, each feature reveals a secret for your life that you can use to transform your life for good.

Face Reading 5 Elements

With Face Reading, you can unveil information like :

  • Your Tendencies in Love
  • Your Strengths and Weaknesses
  • Your Compatibility with your Partner
  • Your Money Habits
  • Your Drives and Thought Patterns
  • Your Decision Making
  • Your True Calling

“I had a powerful face reading with Nitesh today. He touched on my previous and present states with accuracy and insight, and touched on guidance for my future with compassion 💚

Certainly recommend him for a reading.”

—Ian Oppenheim, Therapist

Face Reading Feedback by Lauren Sourdermett on how Face Reading helped her recoup over her emotional pains

Our Services

We offer two comprehensive readings, one on Relationship and one on your Individual Self to help you unleash the best version of yourself in both domains.

Relationship Reading with You and Your Partner

Do you want to know the truth about your relationship with your partner or person of interest? Book a Relationship Centred Face Reading with me and get answers to all your questions and concerns. You will learn how compatible, faithful, honest, committed, communicative, empathetic, attracted, and satisfied you are with each other.

You will also get clear recommendations on whether to stay or move on from the relationship. Don’t miss this chance to discover the secrets of your partner’s face and your own. Book now, pay later for only $99!

$129 BOOK NOW, PAY LATER for $99

    Analysing Amazing YOU: Indepth General Reading

    Discover the secrets of your face and how to align with your true calling with an Indepth Analysis Face Reading. You will learn how to use your strengths and weaknesses, personality and tendencies, decision making and money habits, and intellectual stimuli and work passion to improve your life in every aspect.

    You will also get answers to any questions you have about yourself. Book your session with me, a certified face reading expert, and unlock your potential today!

    $109 BOOK NOW, PAY LATER for $79

    Requirements for Your Face Reading

    The Tool that will be used to give either a Relationship Analysis or an Indepth Analysis for you will be Specific Set of pictures based on the Reading you choose for yourself. Click on Send Your Pics Button which will redirect you on WhatsApp to share the required pictures

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