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Founder,Facereader, Physiognomist & Human Potential Expert

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Our goal is to empower individuals to connect within themselves deeper so as to capitalize on their true potential, improve on shortcomings and gaps in their personality and focus on areas to bring out their Individual X-factor.

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Your #1 Facereading & Human Potential Platform

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Personality + Career Brief + EQ Profiling

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Comprehensive Bespoke One Time Analysis + Recommendation
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  • Bespoke Plan & Recommendation
  • Top 5 Career Traits Analysis
  • Q & A Session 10 Min
  • EQ Profiling by dedicated EQ Coach
  • Written Report

Compatibility & Love Life Reading

$ 29
Compatibility/ Love Life Analysis With One Partner
  • Consulted by an expert
  • Compatiblity between personalities
  • Intimacy Evaluation & Tips
  • Potential Longevity of Relationship
  • Q & A Session 5 Min (Post Reading)
  • Written Report
our history

Our Story on the Make

How it all began with a simple CRUSH!
2011 2011
2012 2012
2017 2017
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2020 2020

Young Nitesh Gurnani (Founder of discovers his hidden gift of facereading while trying to impress his crush.

Practiced his gift on friends and family as well as test subjects to master his gift of  faceredading and intuitve abilities to analyse charactertics through the eyes. This becomes his strongest unique quality that represent him as a distinguished Facereader

Launched to transform his passion into a fulltime business. He also gains popularity on top platforms and becomes an approved reader in specialized face reading groups during this time. gets featured by international media including , IdeaMensch and Start Up success story. 

Nitesh also met Jessi De Terra (an award winning Marketier and Empowerment/EQ Coach)  who shares his passion and joins him as his Co-Founder  in 2020

Nitesh accomplishes over 1000 Facereadings in compatibility analysis and inner human characteristics/potential with a 100 % satisfaction ratio

Scales as a brand with the joining of his Co Founder and Partner Jessi De Terra. becomes now a full service offering for corporates and individuals as well as launches its learning platform for potential facereaders.


Popular Question

We have answers to common questions people ask

Facereading, also widely known as Physiognomy is the practise of analysing personality traits in relation to physical traits. Just like personality and psychometric tests, face reading has a scientific approach of analysing facial characteristics . However the results are,just like in such test, always reliant on the interpretation of the reader. 

At and especially the incredible reading history of its Founder Nitesh Gurnani, we take pride to share that 99% of all our reading have always resonated with the person for whom we read. That is why we give you the access to a Complimentary Mini Read. As an additional assurance we are the only platform that allows you to book now and pay later because for us,  YOU come first! 

First, understand that the field of physiognomy and facereading is incredibly broad and diverse. At we do not claim to be fortune tellers , but elaborately analyse and intuitively observe facial features , studying each line to evaluate the tendencies of character and personality which often directs a person to take  certain decision and receive certain outcomes based on the combination of their personality traits. Although there are prescribed measurements and methodologies to analyze a person's character and personality , it is strongly reliant on the intuitive insights of the Reader who is reading the face. 

Face reading was first discovered by Italian  scholar , polymath and writer Giambattista della Porta in the year 1600 , who is known to be the father of Physiognomy. However his work has inspired the Swiss Poet, writer and philosopher Johann Kasper Lavater when he first published his grand piece on physiognomy in 1775. 

He gained popularity across Europe in 1772 and was also a friend of Goethe.

The answer is Yes and No- it totally depends how unbiased you are in your interpretation. 

The first prerequisite to becoming a facereader is to refine and high tune your empathy. Empathy is one of the most important characteristics of emotional intelligence (EQ) and unlike IQ , EQ can be acquired. With our Face Reading courses and a combination of EQ coaching classes you not only get a mere understanding of what to read on a face but also how to interpret it accurately. Our courses allow you access to a complimentary membership to our online face reading association and forum, which you can proudly display as a badge on your own profile.

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