Jessi De Terra

Jessi De Terra

  • Position: Co-Founder
  • Experience: 12+ Years
  • Location: Kiel, Germany
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Personal Experience & Biography

12 years in Marketing and Communications and lastly growing a 0 member network into a billion $ enterprise within 2 years, has gifted me with stories of meeting , interacting ,learning and working with people from all walks of life professionally and personally. But my biggest achievement?

▶️Being able to make a difference to someone and help them grow not just professionally but personally. 


 I had the opportunity over the last decade to mentor , train and coach people as part of my job. My main fortay and specialization with coaching has been in 

🔴Some situations my clients often face

  1. ➡️We often stand in our own way in achieving our gials no matter what phase of life we are in. You’d be surprised to know that your true potential is beyond and bigger then your perception.

    ➡️Too many insecurities, fears and doubts freeze them in mental limbo from taking clear actions.

    ➡️Lack of clarity distracts you from focusing on things that really matter often affecting your relationships with others and importantly yourself 

Get your way to personal and professional growth on steroids!

Live life on your terms with my 'tailormade' Power Coaching Self Empowerment Program

Who Works with Me

-Individuals seeking guidance  during career start or transititions

– Couples and Families wanting to strenghtening their relationship and bond

– Executives needing to optimize their leadership potential

-Corporates aspiring to build a happy, dynamic work force culture 

Join my exclusive group on LinkedIn   at the  Empowerment Lab


Emotional Intelligence Practitionar


Social & Personal Competence Mentor


Empowerment Coaching


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