Leadership Profiling

Leadership Profiling

Bring Out Your True Potential as a Leader

With the Power of Face Reading

We Empower Leaders to Drive Exponential Growth in Their Organization

Leadership is really a practice, not a position. Anyone can lead, and often the best leaders are not the ones with the titles. If you lead from your values and your passion, you will make an impact. 

Why Leadership Profiling through Facereading is a MUST for you!

Gain clear insights on your personal traits and leadership qualities that impact the the results of your decisions.

In order to achieve your full potential as a leader it is important you have a high sense of self awareness on what values you carry and work on grey areas that might prove a block in your way to growth. 

Often where a decision between two choices have to be made that appear both reasonable but yet can have different outcomes, it is often the question on how you think, analyse, act and handle that decision making process. 

The choices and management decisions you make in challenging situations shape the future of the organisation and your reputation as a leader.

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What Metrics Are Used in the FaceReading Process for Leadership ProfilingReadings?

This will assess the current profiling of the Emotional Intelligence Quotient of the individual with a set of 30 Questions and is optional. It is used in combination with FaceReading but does not impact the results. 

It measures 4 Key Areas
Your level of

  1. Self Awareness
  2. Self Management 
  3. Relationship Influence
  4. Motivation & Resilience


FaceReading will additionally confirm these characteristics on 

  1. Emotional Resilience
  2. Motivation levels and drive
  3. Sensitivity
  4. Influence 
  5. Intuitiveness 
  6. Conscientousness

What kind of leadership characteristic are dominant in you? What profile do you fit in?

How do you take important decisions. Is there a head and heart balance, i.e. the balance between emotions and logic as per the requirement of a certain project?

How is this person likely to perform? What would be the expected outcomes? Where would he or she require help?

Analysis of evidently strong elements within the known Big 5 Framework

This also includes areas of improvement as well as identifying areas for potential training

Decision making errors decline when you are curious. It also analysis how much of innovative or design thinking abilities are instilled within you needed for a specific project or decision making process.


The adaptibility quotient is your ability to successfully naviagte through change.  Face Reading  analyzes facial traits on the level of :

  1. flexibility
  2. proactivenes
  3. resilience
  4. open mindedness
  5. risk taking abilities
  6. growth driven ambition


Can you take swift action and decision when needed. Do you have the innate ability to think and understand situation quickly?


Great leaders look for the next opportunity to grow and develop themselves

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