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Get in Sync with your Personality and discover a new Version of yourself

With the Power of Face Reading

“ The Journey to your Inside starts from the Insights of your Face.”~Nitesh Gurnani

Our Full Personal Reading Package allows you to have an indepth understanding on various aspects from your health to your personality aspects and uncovering your genetic gifts and traits. 

This is a unique opportunity to unlock everything you need to know about yourself with this ultimate all inclusive Face Reading Package

Get a Full Personal Reading on aspects including:

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Get a Facial Diagnosis to scan your current state and get expert recommendation on preventive or corrective measures

Via a detailed  Facial Diagnosis for health analysis , our Face Reading expert will look into the function of the 5 most important organs

What do I get from a Facial Diagnosis for health analysis ?

The health analysis provides vital information on the

  1. Current functioning and capacity of these organs
  2. The tendency of developing an acute or chronic illness
  3. Facial signs indicate where to focus and take care of specific organs that need special attention.
  4.  Required actions and behavioural changes that will improve and/or prevent potential health issues. 

Health Mini Package

$ 15
  • Liver System Analysis
  • Heart System Analysis
  • Spleen & Stomach Analysis
  • Kidney System Analysis
  • Lung/Respiratory System Analysis
  • Recommendations
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You are ready to unlock yourself completely?

Lets Go with our all inclusive Full Personal Reading Package

Full Reading Package

$ 125
Get Everything in one place
  • Health Analysis
  • Compatibility Reading
  • Career Potential & Suitability
  • Relationship Persona
  • Potential Partner Suitability
  • EQ Profiling
  • Detailed Report
  • In Depth Q/A Session

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