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How HR Managers & Personnel Benefit From Corporate Personality Reading

What Metrics Are Used for Corporate Personality Readings?

This will assess the current profiling of the Emotional Intelligence Quotient of the individual with a set of 30 Questions and is optional. It is used in combination with FaceReading but does not impact the results. 

Analysis of evidently strong elements within the known Big 5 Framework

This also includes areas of improvement as well as identifying areas for potential training

These include how a person's tendency is towards 

  1. Professionalism & Accountability
  2. Energy & Potential
  3. Confidence and measure of openess to receive criticism
  4. Self Monitoring and Adaptability Quotient
  5. Intellectual Curiosity.


Decision making errors decline when employee are curious. It also analysis how much of innovative or design thinking abilities are instilled within the individuals needed for a specific project.

How is this person likely to perform? What would be the expected outcomes? Where would he or she require help?

How does your employee take important decisions. Is there a head and heart balance, i.e. the balance between emotions and logic as per the requirement of a certain project?

What kind of leadership characteristic are dominant in your employee. Who will be a better fit to lead a team or project?

What is a person's drive and determination?

What are his/her motivation level

What is the measure of his/her productivity or efficiency

What are the areas of improvement ?

Build a strong, happy, healthy and productive team!

We will work together with you to find grey areas and gaps in the most constructive ways possible and our experts will guide you. By working together as a team in this pursuit, we will  make it an enjoyable and uplifting experience for everyone. Since this process is often transparent it will also enable your team to :

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