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This Course includes:

  • 〉 1.5 hours on-demand video
  • 〉 1 downloadable resource
  • 〉 Full lifetime access
  • 〉 Access on mobile and TV


  • ♦ Anyone curious to know more about the Power of Face Reading
  • ♦ HR & Business Managers
  • ♦ Sales & Marketing Professionals
  • ♦ People wanting to understand their career potential
  • ♦ C-levels looking to create stronger influence

What Will You Learn in this Course?

Did you know that there is a scientific correlation of how a face can reveal more than just expressions and feelings? Physiognomy has been around for centuries but only now again is gaining popularity again as facial traits give an accurate insight to personal traits and genetic gifts.

 The Power of Face Reading can;

  • Get in greater sync with your hidden potential and personality.

  • Enhance the impact of negotiation

  • Create a stronger influence and manage relationships more effectively.

  • Boost your Profits, Sales and Communication.

  • Understand people better.

In fact, you can uncover genetic traits and gifts and understand yourself and others in a better way.

This introductory course is designed for both individual and professionals alike as well as those who would like to advance as a face reading practitioner*

The course has been designed by internationally featured Face Reading Expert and Physiognomist Nitesh Gurnani as seen on Entrepreneurs, IdeaMensch, Bizztor and Start-Up Success Stories.

Get to know the INstructor

Nitesh Gurnani

Int. Featured Face Reader| Physiognomist & Founder of ChehraSpeaks.com | Verified Course Instructor

Nitesh Gurnani is the Founder of ChehraSpeaks  who has been featured across  international Media as an entrepreneurial Face Reader and Physiognomist . Nitesh Gurnani has a mission to impact 1 Billion people to lead a balanced life both personally and professionally. His platform empowers people to tap into their inner potential, conducting compatibility and career readings as well as offering empowerment coaching.

His personal experience extends over 9 years, however he founded ChehraSpeaks not until 2017 . He is driven by the passion to enable people, personally and professionally to improve their lives in giving them the ingredients to harness their inner power by an elaborate understanding of their own personality.

Nitesh analyses your potential as a human starting from your personality to predicting the level of your leadership abilities paying attention to detail of your face and reading between the lines.

His work helps Individuals Improve on 6 Key Factors;

-The emotional state

-Stability and Growth in Career

-Relationship with Co Workers

-Relationship with Partner/Family

-Performance and Productivíty of a team in an organization

-Professional Compatibility for Sustainable Partnerships

The aim of his facereading courses here on Udemy aim to primarily  boost communication, sales, leadership styles, negotation, influence  and manage relationships effectively.  They can be used if you wish to become a Facereading Practitionar or ;

-As a self-development tool for Executive Leaders

-As Career Match Making tool see what career matches to your personality

-in Marketing to understand your customers better

-in Sales to manage your resources and time more effectively on prospects

-in HR to understand and predict a match of a potential candidate to your company

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