Breakthrough Tips for Smarter Selling and Business

The Proven way to Negotiate and Influence People through Face Reading By Nitesh Gurnani (Int. Featured Face Reading Expert, Physiognomist & Founder You may have heard the famous saying that the “face is a walking resume”  Your face is an x-ray of your personality. Understanding your facial traits and the correlation with features,  helpsContinue reading “Breakthrough Tips for Smarter Selling and Business”

The First 100 Day Experience of ChehraSpeaks

What is the problem you are trying to solve? Can you share with us any insights that led you to believe that this is a big enough problem?  Each & every individual faces trouble in one of the dimensions of their life related to decision making, our love life, emotional breakdowns. Based on my faceContinue reading “The First 100 Day Experience of ChehraSpeaks”

6 Key Points to remember during your Entrepreneurial Journey

The life of an entrepreneur is tough and during the initial phase, it becomes tougher to pursue what you dreamt of in the first place. When you bring about a change, you always face resistance from people, which can bog you down and make the journey more challenging. There are many wonderful startup ideas thatContinue reading “6 Key Points to remember during your Entrepreneurial Journey”

6 Perks Of Being A STU-PRENEUR

Many a times we discuss failures, struggles, and pathways of being an Entrepreneur. With this article, I would like to put an eye on the perks of being a Student Entrepreneur. Very rare breed are student entrepreneurs and to take one step ahead in their life for pursuing and commercializing what they wish to doContinue reading “6 Perks Of Being A STU-PRENEUR”