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Since inception, 90% of our Analysis always resonated with the person for whom we read the face.

ChehraSpeaks.com started out as a passion by its young Founder Nitesh Gurnani who discovered his Face Reading skills through his personal love story in 2011.

They say that love goes through the eyes , and that is what Nitesh back then believed too while trying to impress his crush through his life changing question , “Shall I tell you something by looking at your face?”

 He quickly realized that the eyes are a door to provide unique insights to a person’s character and personality. The more faces he read, the more he learned how a face can actually connect to a person’s inner true potential and enable them to work on areas of improvement to become their best self.

Dwelling deeper into the art and science of Face Reading, Nitesh mastered and perfected his giftedness of Intuition and Face Reading abilities. When life is about finding your gift and your purpose is to share that gift with the world, Nitesh’s passion transformed into the beginning of ChehraSpeaks.com -#1 FacefReading Platform for Businesses & Individuals. f

The name itself means FaceSpeaks (Chehra in Hindi = Face) which had been a name given by a close friend of Nitesh.

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Harry Oliver,

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Our Future

The Growth Journey of Chehraspeaks.com

With the onset of  2020 and the addition of Award Winning Marketier, EQ & Empowerment Coach based out of Germany – Jessi De Terra- as a Co-Founder, ChehraSpeaks.com is gradually expanding internationally  to serve individuals beyond personal life, intimate relations, compatibility or career related aspects. It focuses additionally on businesses, specifically HR professionals and Marketing/Sales Team to help detect talent, improve on communication and relationships as well as analyse true potential and leadership skills.

Supporting HR and Talent Management Teams to detect talents, manage people effectively

Optimizing Marketing & Sales Performance with Consumer Analysis

Empowering Executives to identify Business Partner Compatibilities

The ChehraSpeaks Learning Platform for FaceReading Practitionars

What all can Chehraspeaks.com Read?

Compatibility & Relationships

Personality, Skills & Talent

Career Potential & Pathway

Human Potential Analysis

Leadership Characteristic

Mental & Physical Well Being

The Power Duo- Combining The Art of Facereading with the Science of EQ & Subconscious mind

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