It has been a strange story of how I get into this face reading thing. I was talking to a friend of mine actually "the first girl I got attracted to", suddenly I focused on her face and asked her, "Shall I tell you something by looking at your face"?


I started concentrating and suddenly things started panning out in such a way that whatever I was saying was coming true. I was amazed.


Then, I asked her to show me an image of her friend's face, analysed it too and wrote about it. She was so impressed with everything I told about her life as well.


Since that day , I have read more than 200 faces of the people from the past 5 years and fortunately, most of the people have rated the accuracy level of more than 80 percent.All my friend's support have made it possible for establishing my web presence with an amazing audience like you.


The name of chehraspeaks was given by my friend when I was reading his friend's face and he proposed me an idea to go for something starting with chehra , which I considered pretty interesting, then we boiled down to










          How chehraspeaks started?

Nitesh Gurnani

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